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Materials Storage: Electric Movable Shelving System Kardex Kompakt EL/C

Kompakt EL/C

Kardex Systems introduces a multi-purpose electrical movable shelving system created to meet the filing and storage needs of today’s offices and facilities economically and efficiently... Kompakt EL/C movable shelving.

The Kompakt EL/C is designed to deliver maximum high-density storage in minimal floor space. Engineered to meet the weight-load and space requirements of almost any storage or filing application.

Manufactured to provide long-term reliability and low maintenance, Kompakt EL/C carriages utilize 11 GA. steel and are rated at a minimum capacity of 1000#/FT.

Slim-profile end panels eliminate wasted space and increase storage capacity on every tier of shelving.

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 Control Console utilizes state of the art digital technology. Digital technology provides for a more reliable system as well as allowing easier configuration for future design enhancements. The Control Console visually displays system and operator information in text format, affording the operator enhanced usability. Also, to provide for the safest operation of the system, the Control Console is located adjacent to the aisle controlled. The Control Bezel is available in a choice of black or light gray.

 Floor Level Safety Bar is supplied the full length of the carriage, one per possible aisle as standard, and can be activated with as little as 8 oz. of pressure. Floor Level Safety Bars are available on both sides of an aisle as an option.

 Overhead Cable Arm Raceway supplies power and communication between ranges and provides up to a 60" aisle as standard. A Patent Pending, programmable Aisle Width Sensor, totally eliminates the need for commonly used carriage limit switches.

 Optional Aisle Entry Sensor detects persons or carts entering an open aisle. Dual Aisle Entry Sensors are available as an option for dual access systems.

 Optional Infra-Red Sweep (one per possible aisle) can be used with or without the standard Floor Level Safety Bar. Waist level safety is available as an option.

 Two Heavy Duty Wheel & Rail Designs

  • Low-Profile Double-Flanged: True 5" diameter wheels throughout are fitted with permanently-lubricated pillow block wheel bearings which deliver smooth, consistent performance with no maintenance requirements.
  • Low-Profile Center-Flanged: Complete size flexibility with system heights from 4' to 12'; carriage lengths from 3' to 60'; and carriage depths from 1' to 5' with single or double-entry shelving.

Kompakt EL/C by Kardex is made in the USA and is totally U.L. Listed with either the Floor Level Safety Bar or with the optional Infra-Red Sweep.


 A Wide Range Of Design Options

  • No matter what the issue: sprinklers, low ceilings, ducting, beams, support structures, the Kompakt mobile storage system can be designed to maximize every inch of available space!
  • Barrier Free Track Allows Wheelchairs Easy Access to Aisles
  • Automatic Aisle Lighting
  • Security Doors
  • Seismic Anti-Tip
  • Front & Rear Entry
  • Meets Local Code Compliance Issues
  • Design Around Structural Objects To Maximize Density

 Storage Accessories & Options Include:

  • Standard Shelving
  • Weapons Racks
  • Library Shelving
  • Lateral Drawers
  • Reference Shelves
  • Security Drawers
  • Garment Racks
  • Hanging Art

 SafeSpace™ Passive & Active Protection Systems

  • A myriad of state of the art safety systems are available for all Kompakt mobile storage systems to protect both personnel and items.
  • SafeSpace Resistance Detection System (Any Pressure on A Carriage Will Stop System Motion)
  • SafeSpace Safeties (Floor or Waist)
  • Aisle SafeSpace Lock
  • Key-Locks
  • Diagnostics Monitor

 Rail Options

  • Rail Ramp System maintains existing floor covering without modification.
  • Sub-floor System – C-Channel Rail with Stainless Steel Ramp can be carpeted or tiled to the top level of the rail.
  • Sub-floor System – Center Grooved Rail with Stainless Steel Ramp can be carpeted or tiled to the top level of the rail.
  • Concrete-embedded System provides flush installation in new construction.
  • Modular Deck offers non-permanent installations for leased quarters. Does not require any floor attachment.

As aisles open, lights can activate to allow users full visibility for their tasks. Lights deactivate when not in use to save power and help support organizations LEED and sustainability programs.

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