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Filing Supplies: File Folders & Supplies

F. A. O'Toole Office Systems, Inc. offers a full range of filing supplies: smart filing options designed to improve productivity, save space and streamline your records management processes.

Combine the right storage hardware with the most appropriate filing software to produce the ultimate solution for your company. With years of experience in designing complete solutions, let our team take the strain while you relax and run the business.

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Colored and manila end tab folders are perfect for lateral shelf filing. Ideal for clear indexing and color coding for alpha, numeric systems and bar-code systems, folders can also be marked up for specific retention schedules ensuring lifecycle management guidelines are adhered to. Available in a range of 10 colors, they come with or without file fasteners to secure papers.

Press-board Folders

Press-board folders

Hard-wearing folders with canvas gussets provide long life solutions for those applications where there is a high degree of inter-departmental file movement and activity. Folders are available in a range of five standard colors and come with or without file fasteners to secure papers.

Document boxes and box files

Document boxes and box files

A range of rigid boxes for all applications, from Lloyd George envelopes in the doctor’s office to legal data boxes in the courtrooms, are available as standard. The Classic Blue Box File in sizes from 2" to 8" remains a firm favorite when needing to keep numerous key documents together in an easily portable format, which can then be simply returned to the central filing system when the transactions are completed.



Color coding is proven to speed up file productivity by as much as 40 per cent. The human eye recognizes color before alpha and numeric sequences, and by integrating color coding to filing solutions Kardex Remstar adds value to all activities. Colored labels are available in alphabetical, numeric and plain color blocks according to customer requirements.

Expanding Wallets

Expanding wallets

High quality expanding canvas gusset wallet folders, with up to 3.5" capacity, provide durable solutions for large files. The reinforced end tab provides a wealth of opportunities for alpha and numeric color coding as well as bar-code. Folders are available in a range of six standard colors.

Folder binders

Lever arch and ring binders

Using landscape as opposed to portrait lever arch binders gives an additional 60 per cent storage capacity. The cleverly designed landscape lever arch binder is available with the mechanism on either the short or long edge. Landscape lever arch binders are available in three standard colors.

Folder fasteners

File fasteners and filing guides

Many applications work perfectly well with loose papers, but when files are being passed around the office and between departments then being able to secure the internal papers with a self adhesive file fastener makes for good practice. A simple "out" guide can save hours of searching for misplaced files and encourages good housekeeping.

Document task force

Document Task Force

Transforming from the old to a new filing systems can be a time-consuming exercise. F. A. O'Toole Office Systems, Inc. has a range of services to lighten the load for you. Fully trained staff will help with the preparation of all new folders, applying new labels as well as supervising the physical transfer of folders to new equipment and the safe and secure destruction of all old documents.

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