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Bringing materials to your personnel instead of bringing your personnel to your materials.

Storage solutions


Maximizing and organizing your space to improve efficiency.

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Making your space more functional.

Storage Solutions

Bringing materials to your personnel instead of bringing your personnel to your materials.

We specialize in custom and standard filing supplies. We can help make your files work FOR you!

Providing storage solutions for hospital beds, ventilators, protective gear, Pathology slides, tire storage, files, tools, weapons, lockers and cages. You need to store it we have the solution!

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The Masters of Time and Space

About Us

For 43 Years F. A. O’Toole has been a leading provider of Automated Storage and Retrieval Solutions for small parts, kits, tools, records management, multi-media, labs and hospitals, as well as all types of furniture for office, warehouse and the manufacturing floor wherever materials and supplies are stored.

  • KardexLektriever® Electric Lateral File
  • Shuttle XP® Vertical Lift Modules (VLM)
  • Industrial Vertical Carousels (VC)
  • Horizontal Carousels (HZ)
  • Kompakt® Mobile Storage Systems
  • Material handling software
  • Systems furniture
  • Case goods
  • Work benches and lockers

These Sustainable Storage Solutions:

  • Save Valuable Floor Space
  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Worker Safety
  • Increase accessibility to all types of stored materials (ADA friendly)
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Why Choose F.A. O'Toole?

Customized Site Analysis, Evaluation & Specification

Registered CCR and ORCA, EAC, WAWF, SAM, and OSHA Trained and Certified

All major lines on GSA Schedules

Large in-house Factory Certified Service and Installation Team

Turnkey services with expert equipment, records and material relocations and moves

We offer more than 100 manufacturers of material handling storage equipment, records storage equipment, warehouse management software, bins, totes, filing supplies, furniture and cabinetry represented

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