Vertical Carousels

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Kardex Remstar Megamat

The Kardex Remstar Megamat Vertical Carousels are designed with shelves or drawers that rotate up or down via the shortest path, automatically delivering stored items to an operator at an ergonomically positioned pick window.  Each unit is compatible with an entire suite of software and controls or can be used as a standalone solution.

The Megamat is available with three weight loads to fit most every need.

vertical carousel Kardex Megamat

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Before FA O'Toole Storage Solution

Before Photo
After Photo

After FA O'Toole Storage Solution


By bringing the stored material to the user instead of moving the user to the material, picking time is greatly reduced.

The efficient use of overhead air space will  reduce the space needed to store your inventory.

Presenting the inventory to the to the user at an ergonomic height will not only save time but will increase picking accuracy.

Software Integration

Inventory control  and management  software will increase accuracy, reduce shrinkage and provide  the necessary reports that will enhance  your overall operation.

Software integration
Software integration 2
Transaction Information Center

Transaction Information Center (TIC)


A wide variety of interiors can be mixed and matched within the unit, providing storage flexibility for different types and sizes of inventory.

Intermediate Shelf
Intermediate Shelf
Drawer Inserts
Drawer Inserts
Security doors
Security Doors


Safety 1

Both left hand and right hand sides of the access opening area feature a safety light curtain that brings the drive to a standstill immediately if anything or anyone should break the light curtain. The light curtain also prevents the stored goods from being damaged if they happen to protrude out of the storage space.

Emergency Hand Crank

In the event of a power outage it is possible to move the carriers with the aid of a plug in crank handle to access the desired carriers. The Transmission  of the motor is designed to prevent the unit from moving involuntarily when the operator is using the hand crank.

Safety 2

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