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Permanent casework is a thing of the past. As you improve your laboratory and workspaces know that you can depend upon flexible modular casework to help you design for the needs today as well as the ones you have in the future. With laboratory casework, you have the opportunity to add fume hoods, wet spaces, and secure locking for your valuable inventory and employee personal items.

This type of flexible millwork is easy to reconfigure and re-purpose with your ever-changing needs. These items can be put on wheels, have overhead storage attached, and can be utilized in many different environments by using the same mix and match pieces according to your organization's requirements.

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Flexible Casework

With this increased flexibility, you can also utilize this flexible casework for lockers both touchless and keyed mail centers and work areas, and community spaces. The reconfigurability of this casework allows it to grow and change with your organization.

What is in a work area today can be in the locker area tomorrow. It is a kit of parts that becomes more than a good investment, it becomes your way of creating a flexible functional environment that will last for years to come.

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