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Public Safety Storage Solutions

Evidence Storage

The value of security and a clean chain of custody is paramount when it comes to evidence storage.  From small lockers, to evidence vaults, wire cages and vertical storage carousels we have a variety of ways to help you safeguard and protect your evidence collection.

Our wire cages are utilized by the DEA for drug cages and they are compliant to secure controlled pharmaceuticals and substances as well as the processing of medical and legalized marijuana.  A vertical carousel solution provides the ultimate in security and accountability.

The chain of custody documentation for evidence is secured by a computerized system that is reliable and easy to use.  Maximize your floor space by considering a vertical carousel.

public safety storage wire mesh cage
public safety storage dea cages

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Weapons Storage

Weapon storage is required in many forms. For evidence as well as use by your different units.  Specifically for evidence, weapons should be stored with the proper chain of custody.

For specialized units and applications, rifles and handguns are stored in an easy access environment yet secured on a space saving mobile shelving unit.

Create appropriate workspaces for your personnel to clean and manage the weapons inventory.


Gear and personal effects storage

Personnel lockers must come in a variety of configurations, not every unit has the same requirements or roles.  Some just need a place to store an additional uniform and personal effects and others need gear for multi day use or gear bags designed for specialty operations.

Our solutions can be reconfigured as needed and provide the security your personnel require.  Line of sight is especially important in a gear storage area, therefore our open shelves and wire enclosures provide visibility and accessibility.

public safety storage solutions
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