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Hospital and Medical Equipment Storage Solutions

Hospital Bed Storage

Protect one of your most valuable investments, your hospital beds, by storing them off the ground and stacking them vertically.

The bed stacking system is based on a “last in first out” picking system which allows you to comfortably store the hospital beds from the front of the unit or the side depending on your space requirements. It is simple to operate by a single individual who only needs to push a button.

This system allows you to stack four times the amount of beds in the same amount of space. It will remove beds from corridors which decreases fire hazards.  You can keep your bed inventory onsite and use less real estate to store more, a win – win.

Medical Supplies

Medical supplies storage comes in a variety of options. We specialize in two different mobile supply storage options. One is a high-density mobile rolling shelving system that has both drawers and shelves to provide added security and maximize your floor space for storage.

By using a mobile high density unit you are able to save up to 50% of your existing floor space and convert that saved floor space into additional storage.

An alternative system has a built-in storage flow system. You are able to store the items in a centralized supply area then transfer the supplies to secure mobile carts that can be used in a unit as a whole or a specific bedside application.  This system includes a solid inventory management protocol.

Your organization may also need open shelving for boxed items that can be mobile or static and easily reconfigured.

Lastly, warming cabinets for blankets and more are available for use in Post op, specialized care, and surgical areas.

We can help you find the best solution

Lab Solutions

Lab spaces need to be flexible. Often times when we consult with hospitals we find that they have permanently attached millwork in their labs that no longer serve the current and future needs of that space.

We provide a solution that is flexible and modular which allows that lab space to shift and flow along with your requirements.  Options include wet areas, fume hoods, standing height as well as seated height, and various overhead storage options.

By making the laboratory flexible you are adding value to that space and are able to make changes as needed.

Pharmacy Storage

As you are aware, central supply pharmacy departments have very specific and unique storage requirements. Not only must small items be stored but also there is a heightened need for inventory control.

Our rotary cabinets, modular casework and vertical shelving carousels systems are designed to meet all these needs. Because these solutions are equipped with specific qualities, we can have a consultant come and review your space to find the best fit for you.

We can help you find the best solution

Medical carts

Medical carts come in a variety of configurations and within those configurations you are able to change out the drawers and storage capabilities. They allow you the opportunity to keep your supplies mobile which increases productivity.

Medical carts come with tambour doors which provide additional security for your high value supplies.


Efficiency Tools

Efficiency tools allow you to make the workspace flow better. Fold down charting and supply areas allow for quick yet secure access too readily needed items.

Emergency carts and anesthesia carts create a mobile workspace for those that need a certain set of tools on hand each time they work.

Medical supply storage even has a computerized interface which allows you to track inventory and manage the process remotely.

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