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Library Storage Solutions

Community Space

With the addition of more community space in the library environment people are looking for individual study areas, computer stations and open collaborative space. There are ways of creating safe yet inviting spaces using furniture where patrons will thrive and learn.

Community spaces can have book-stacks combined with soft seating to capitalize on real estate.  Study areas can become mobile and reconfigured to support group work.

Computer stations have the added requirement of security as well as visibility.  We have many options that range from a standard traditional look to contemporary clean design lines.

We can help you find the best solution

Book Stacks

Bookstacks can be traditional or contemporary according to your space requirements.  There are so many options to make them mobile, have them add architectural value and also create a space for safety in a K-12 environment.

We often get requests from libraries that are looking for ways to downsize their bookstacks in order to create more community space but still want to be able to keep the same number of holdings. We have the opportunity to assist you with our high density mobile storage solution.

This type of storage allows you to have the stacks be on channeled wheels and only have one aisle space as opposed to many.


Study Space

Studying/meeting spaces help people to come together and create.  We work with manufacturers that provide many options for colors and work surfaces.

A mobile solution allows you to change a room very quickly between uses and store things easily and effortlessly when not in use.

If you're looking for a more traditional private study area we have an option for areas that provide privacy yet visibility at the same time.

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