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Efficient and Secure Auto Parts and Service Bay Storage

Automotive Parts and Service Storage Options

Service Bay Workbenches

Attract and retain top talent by providing efficient and secure workbenches in both static and mobile options.  Workbenches with customized drawer sizes, drawer dividers, computer station and lighting create an environment that will keep your employees productive and increase your top line revenue.

Mobile workbenches keep the tools close to increase productivity.  Each workbench and mobile cart offer locking mechanisms to secure personal effects and high value tools.

With the right workbenches, more can be stored in less space, therefore your service bays can utilized for their intended purpose…revenue creation.

We can help you find the best solution

Parts Storage

There are many ways to store parts for retail and service usage.  Depending upon the space you have available will indicate which solution is best for you.

If you have a small space but high ceilings you should look at mezzanines or vertical carousels. These solutions allow you to use the generally unused vertical space in most commercial buildings. There is also added security measures for each of these options to protect your investment. Vertical carousels specifically require less space and can store more items while offering a simpler inventory process.

High density mobile rolling shelves allow you to use a small space and yet store 50% more parts. This is achieved by eliminating the aisleway for each static shelf.  Because the shelves are mobile only one aisle space total is required. There is also an inherent security feature that can protect your investment.

Static shelving has its own benefits and limitations. If you have a large floor space and a shorter ceilings, static shelving is an ideal solution.  This shelving can include wire guarding which increases security while maintaining your existing storage solution.

Tire storage

Storing more tires and multiple configurations leads to increased revenue. There are two solutions that offer the opportunity for you to double or quadruple your total tire storage in the exact same space that you are storing your tires in now on static shelving.


The first solution is high-density mobile shelving. As explained above in the parts section you can double your existing inventory in the same amount of space.  This solution is considered heavy-duty and can be adjusted to store tires of a very large size to very small.  It also creates an opportunity for easy inventory scanning and allowing you to maximize the use of your existing space to double your tire storage.


The second solution is a vertical tire carousel. This solution can recover up to 70% of the space used by a traditional storage system which could quadruple your instock inventory.  The overall capacity is 13,000 pounds and can store from 147 to 352 tires in the same amount of space you would have for one 28’ long run of shelving.   Increase workplace safety by using vertical tire carousels which will bring the tires to the correct ergonomic height for lifting.

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