Automotive Storage

Efficient and Secure Auto Parts and Service Bay Storage

Automotive Parts and Service Storage Options

Wire Cage Storage

Wire cages and enclosures offer versatility for small parts storage.  This wire solution can be expanded or contracted according to your needs and can be managed by your local facilities team if you choose.

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Parts Storage

There are many ways to store parts for retail and service usage.  Depending upon the space you have available will indicate which solution is best for you.

If you have a small space but high ceilings you should look at mezzanines or vertical carousels. These solutions allow you to use the generally unused vertical space in most commercial buildings. There is also added security measures for each of these options to protect your investment. Vertical carousels specifically require less space and can store more items while offering a simpler inventory process.

Static shelving has its own benefits and limitations. If you have a large floor space and a shorter ceilings, static shelving is an ideal solution.  This shelving can include wire guarding which increases security while maintaining your existing storage solution.

High Density Storage

High density mobile rolling shelves allow you to use a small space and yet store 50% more parts. This is achieved by eliminating the aisleway for each static shelf.  Because the shelves are mobile only one aisle space total is required. There is also an inherent security feature that can protect your investment.

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