Manufacturing Storage

Efficient and Highly Productive Manufacturing Includes Effective Storage Solutions

Manufacturing Storage Solutions


There are many ways to use the vertical space that you have available in your warehouse environment. Mezzanines provide two or more levels of platforms joined by an elevator, vertical lift or stairway to effectively double your storage and productivity area.  In a mezzanine environment, you could have productive areas down below and storage areas above.

Mezzanines are engineered to help you capitalize on your existing real estate and come with modular components that are able to be adapted to your evolving needs.  Mezzanines are built for heavy loads and our focus is on creating a durable and stable addition to your manufacturing environment.

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Carousel Systems

Vertical carousels in the manufacturing environment allow you to increase your productivity and reduce your waste especially wasted real estate. Here are some of the formats for vertical carousels:  small parts storage, rolled goods, wire and cables, sheet metal lifts, and barstock linear lifts to name a few.

The key to vertical carousels is the sheer amount of volume that they can contain given the very small space that they consume.  In addition to minimizing the workplace footprint, they maximize workplace safety by bringing the goods to an ergonomic working height thereby reducing workplace accidents and injuries.

You will also enjoy fast retrieval times and computer-based inventory management processing.

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Modular Office

Modular offices help you create a variety of different types of spaces in your manufacturing environment. Modular offices can be custom designed or you can order from prefabricated set sizes. These structures are able to be put up quickly, and are reusable, expandable and movable.

Modular spaces can be built as a single story or multi story configuration specific to the requirements of your space. Our clean room options cover Class 1,000, 10,000, and 100,000 with hidden in wall air chases and filtered air return systems.  There are unlimited possibilities for how they are laid out and are depreciated over 7 years just like standard equipment.


Rolled Storage

Rolled storage is it unique yet efficient way of storing print cylinders, hollow cores, carpet, textiles and vinyl.  In a busy production environment, an automated retrieval system will increase your worker safety by delivering the goods at the best ergonomic height and having accompanying accessories for mobile movement of the rolled items.

Productivity also increases because a single operator will be able to safely load and unload to and from the carousel, quickly and efficiently.  A significant real estate savings can be found in utilizing the vertical space and the carousels come in a variety of widths to accommodate your specific requirements.

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Wire Based Solutions

Wire cages and enclosures offer versatility for machine guarding, pallet rack safety, and storage.  This wire solution can be expanded or contracted according to your needs and can be managed by your local facilities team if you choose.

A driver's cage and wire mesh lockers add even more flexibility to the equation by providing safety and security for your personnel and their belongings. These lockers and enclosures can safeguard machinery, valuable tools, inventory, supplies and have even be used for DEA drug cages.

They come in a variety of heights and allow for unobstructed views and the circulation of air, light, and fire suppression systems.



Shelving options can be utilized for front office as well as the warehouse and manufacturing floor.  The industrial shelving options we provide are strong and versatile with steel shelves and a welded box construction.

The same shelving can be made mobile to increase productivity or transport requirements. Heavy Duty Shelving can also use your vertical space for pallet racking and large item storage.

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