Workplace Safety

Create a safe space for your employees to be productive and healthy.

Making the Workplace Safer

Employers around the world are looking for new ways to make their workplace safe. There are different ways to divide space and to divide people, but still, allow them to be productive and comfortable in the office.

Divide Space

One easy solution is to use the space divider that is free standing to allow for immediate space division , these dividers range from 24 inches to 72 inches wide and 42 inch to 72 inches high. Click Here to learn more from the brochure.

Divide Space Office

We can help you find the best solution

Surface Top Shields

Keep physical distance with surface top portable and mobile plastic shields.  Plexiglass panels easily mounts on any flat surface, such as desk or worksurface   Full sized options are available on wheels to make it mobile and adaptable to a variety of uses. Variety of sizes can instantly create a non-intrusive barrier when social distancing isn’t an option.

Cleanable Surfaces

Another solution is to use surfaces that are anti microbial or can be cleaned daily without degradation . The Emerge and Smartspace benching and systems options, and DeXTR private office components offers laminate and fabric materials that can withstand the cleaning required to make offices safe today. Click Here to learn more from the brochure.

Clean Cleaning Services Naples, FL
Glass Stacker

Glass Stacker

A glass stacker can Mount with a bracket to the top of your panels to create an immediate boundary between employees. Employees will still be able to visually see each other and communicate but do so in a safer environment without you needing to reconfigure or change the existing furniture design. Click Here to learn more from the brochure.

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Hand sanitizing stations can immediately make your workplace safer by offering opportunity for your employees to stay bacteria free while on the go.  We have different manufacturers that can provide these solutions depending upon your requirements. Click Here to learn more from the brochure.

Hand Sanitizing Station
Self Cleaning Surfaces

Self Cleaning surfaces

Self cleaning surfaces, provided by nanoDefense, is a super hydrophilic surface that repels contaminants allowing it to easily be wiped clean with water as well as actively destroying any organic compounds on a molecular level.  Click Here to learn more from the brochure.

Touchless Lockers

Smart Lockers allow for a touchless experience, RFID processing, anti-microbial surfaces, easy user access, and total management control.  These lockers offer modular and expandable solutions developed especially for parcel and individual use.  Unlike a key-based system, keyless technology enables easy, ongoing management of access codes to ensure security is not compromised.


Touchless Lockers
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