Vertical Lift Modules

Maximum storage flexibility

Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module

The Shuttle® XP Vertical Lift Module is an enclosed system of vertically arranged trays stored in both the front and rear of the unit with an extractor device placed in the center.

The VLM automatically delivers trays with the stored items to the access window with a push of a button or a scan of a barcode.  The device is modular in construction allowing the height and number of access windows to be adjusted pre and post construction giving you maximum storage flexibility.  Depending on the usable building interior heights, up to 85% of a conventional storage system occupied floor space may be recovered.


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Storage Efficiency

Using “CubeStar” technology the Shuttle XP VLM automatically scans the height of the product on each tray and finds ideal storage location within the unit. Trays are stored in one inch (25 mm) increments using the least amount of space and maximizing the storage density within the unit.

Shuttle XP Safety


The operator access opening is protected by personal protection light barrier located  in the center and inside of the access opening

Perferated Top on Vertical Lift

Perforated unit top cover with melting film

The specially perforated unit top cover, which is covered with a melting film, ensures unimpeded smoke extraction from the unit in the event of a fire inside the device. The melting film dissolves at a temperature of approx. +80 °C. This ensures that the extinguishing agent of the customers extinguishing system can reliably enter the interior of the unit.

Security and cleanliness

Security and cleanliness

The interior of the unit is protected by an automatic shutter door behind the tray opening. The door remains closed until it delivers the desired pan, keeping the goods inside the unit clean and secure.


The Shuttle XP Vertical Lift Module can be integrated with:

Shuttle XP Light Pointers

Light Pointers

Shuttle XP Delivery Carts

Delivery Carts


Fork Trucks and Automated Vehicles

Software integration


Overhead Cranes and much more

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