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With the increase in office collaboration, comes new solutions for office furniture.  Enjoy increase access to technology cabling and working height electrical for charging everything from laptops to cell phones.   Benching fits more people into less space and is easily scalable


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Systems Furniture

Systems Furniture divides space and uses various panel heights to maintain privacy. You can customize Prefix with sliding or lockable hinged door overheads to best suit your privacy employee requirements. 

Office Systems Furniture
Private offices

Private Office

Private office furniture can be easily moved and changed according to the way your business changes  desking solutions are durable and designed for heavy usage.   Our series have modern design look and feel with mixed material options, footed storage as well as supporting open O-leg, full laminate or angled leg design, that help achieve aesthetic scaling.


Create a space for learning and collaboration.  Provide a workspace that has uninterrupted power and data accessibility no matter the setting and all at an affordable price.

Adjustable-height tables can be designed as a freestanding solution or combined with other paneling and benching solutions.  Meet the collaborative needs of today’s office environment easily and affordably.

Office Tables Furniture
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Storage for anything but Paper!

Not your average storage for not your average storage?

This line of storage allows for a smarter use of the space and lets the user store all their daily and personal items.

From business briefs to walking shoes and granola bars, like it’s name, make your space Nif-T

Adjustable Height Tables

MXitUp HAT & Power Beam

Together these products create an economical solution for the simplified workstation. Bring Power and privacy to where you need it most

The Power Beam offers simple privacy screens, allowing for flexibility now and later. With the increased need for power and technology in solo workstations and collaborative working spaces, the Height Adjustable Table and Power Beam is your solution!

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